Kathryn + Evan | Adventurous Wyoming First Look and Bridal Session

When most people think of Wyoming, they think of the Tetons and Yellowstone. Many don’t realize that beyond those scenic areas, there are numerous mountain ranges, canyons, and other epic landscapes to be explored. As much as we love the Greater Yellowstone area, venturing beyond is always such a breath of fresh air and allows us to find solitude during the busy season. Star Valley Wyoming offers some incredible spots to explore, and we had the privilege of visiting one of them with our soon-to-be bride and groom, Kathryn + Evan.

Kathryn and Evan were just weeks away from getting married, and decided to have a beautiful pre-wedding first look and bridal session at the Star Valley Temple, and then in the mountains surrounding the valley. We love having the chance to hike with our couples and gain a unique perspective you might otherwise miss. This canyon was nothing short of a dream and made the perfect backdrop. Beautiful rocky walls surrounded us and a clear river ran through the narrow canyon. It was so green too! I couldn’t keep my jaw from dropping! While I understand the popularity of eloping in Colorado, people don’t know what they’re missing in less-visited places like Wyoming and Idaho!

I love pre-wedding bridal sessions because they give couples an intimate and private moment to cherish before the chaos of the wedding day. Even if you choose to have a large wedding, there are still so many ways you can make your marriage celebration about you. This is one of them. We’ve loved working with Kathryn and Evan and can’t wait to share more of their first-look session and wedding in a later post!

Adventurous Alpine Canyon Bridal Session Wyoming
Intimate Couples Session in the Greater Yellowstone Region
Adventurous Hiking Bridal Session Wyoming
Jaw-Dropping Canyon Bridal Session Wyoming
Adventurous Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer Hiking Session

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