I hope you don’t think our life is perfect.

I recently read a thought-provoking caption by @everchanginghorizon on instagram. Coming from someone who has over a million followers, he had some interesting thoughts about social media. He shared the heart-breaking story of he and his wife’s relationship that looked perfect on the outside-she ran a blog full of beautiful photos of their adventures and life together…yet in reality the two of them were distant. She painted a picture that couldn’t be further from reality and their marriage ended in divorce. 

Scott and I are close and our marriage is strong (but we are definitely human too). We’ve been incredibly lucky to see and do a lot in our first couple years of marriage, but it hasn’t been without sacrifice. The things we’ve done have been because of careful budgeting, eating dehydrated backpacking meals on the road and sleeping in our car on many trips. The photos may be beautiful, but it doesn’t mean our life is glamorous. 

I hope you know that our lives aren’t easy, perfect, or always exciting. 

We go to work, we have bills that can sometimes feel overwhelming, we both deal with chronic illness. Some days we do nothing but lay in bed watching dumb Youtube videos on our day off. Trying to figure out being a responsible adult can be confusing and hard at times. 

I don’t share photos from our adventures as a way to brag – I share them because I love photography, and this passion has pushed me to learn and grow in ways I hadn’t been able to for awhile. 

A few years ago I went to some counseling because I found myself depressed and unmotivated. A large part of my life had revolved around sports and being active. When health issues seemed to get in the way of everything my life revolved around, I wasn’t sure what to do anymore. After talking with my therapist, I connected the dots and realized the times I was happiest is when I had big goals and dreams I was reaching towards. I’d like to add, when I say “big goals and dreams”, I don’t mean the things that are expected of me, like graduating college, saving “x” amount of dollars, etc…I mean the things that fill me up with a zest for life. In the past, they had been geared towards sports and fitness. Since those things had to take a backburner for a bit, I set my sights on pursuing photography further. This creative outlet has been stressful and challenging at times, but it has also been a way for me to find excitement for life again. I have a skill I constantly want to hone in on and improve. There’s visible progress that can be seen. I’ve learned to be a businesswoman. Photography has done so much for me. So…long story short, I share my work because it is what I’m passionate about- not because I want you to think Scott and I are something we aren’t. 

Let’s be real, half of what I post is while I’m sitting in my bed getting cookie crumbs on the sheets.

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